I'm originally from the northeast. I grew up on the small, peninsula town of Hull, Massachusetts. My parents owned an antique and estate jewelry shop in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge. I helped out in that store as a kid and was raised around the business.

In 1975 my husband, two sons and I moved to California. I worked as an Animal Control Officer for the County of San Diego. I advanced from working in the kennels, to the field and then became a field training officer. I have always loved animals and still do. Our boys grew up with dogs and cats. We had our own horses and a pony. We raised pigs, rabbits, and there were occasional hamsters, guinea pigs and snakes.

Years later my parents moved to California to be closer to us. After my father passed away my mother decided to open a new shop in La Jolla. When she became too ill to manage it by herself anymore she asked me to come help her. I left Animal Control to work for her. After she passed away, I moved the shop to a busier location in La Jolla. My husband and I built that business up. We had a large following of regular customers and an excellent reputation. We kept that shop open for 27 years.

 I became interested in sheep herding after I had bought a border collie puppy for a pet. That one pup changed my life forever! My eventual love for border collies and the sport of sheep herding became the spark that started Stockdog Gems. I combined what I know with what I love.